Dealing with a cracked windshield

In today’s society, a lot of us have a very busy lifestyle; between work and our family life, it is hard to get some things done during our off time. When you are off work, the last thing on your mind is getting that chipped windshield fix.

We have all been driving down the road, and the other vehicle up ahead of you picks up a rock with his tire, hits your windshield and chips it or even worse cracks it.

Cracked windshield

Nothing is worse than having to drive your car with a crack running down your windshield. In most states, it is against the law to have a crack windshield while operating the vehicle. It also distracts your visibility while driving.


222If the windshield was cracked by another vehicle, you can write down his plate number and take it to your insurance provider and put in a claim. In most cases, your deductible cost more than having a new windshield put in your vehicle so for most people, they just have them fixed or replaced.

Windshield repair service

Here at windshield repair corpus christi, they will come to your home and even your office, so you don’t have to take time out of your busy life schedule. They will even call your insurance. If they are a provider, they will work with your insurance company for all the cost. They will determine if the windshield just needs to be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

Insurance deductible

This will all depend on the coverage you have on your insurance. If it is full covered, your insurance will pay to get it fix; however, your deductible may cost more than to just pay for the windshield out of your pocket. This happens a lot of times.
Now, if your windshield was damage from another vehicle, then their insurance will cover all the cost of repairing or replacing the windshield

333The technician will ask you for the make and model of the vehicle so he can bring out the proper windshield. When they arrive, they will park their truck beside your vehicle. In the back of their truck, they have a hydraulic arm with suction cups that will hold your new windshield. They will remove the broken windshield and use this arm to align the window correctly on your vehicle, and they will tape all the edges of the windshield for a proper seal for one week. They also have a warranty of the window.