Why Clean Swimming Pools

It’s crucial to maintain the balance level for water in a pool. Water balance is a complicated process and important to keep the water free from corrosion and safe for use. Most pool owners are not equipped with the knowledge on how to maintain the balance of the water in the pool. For more information about cleaning swimming pools visit https://ultimatepoolguide.com/. Some of the reasons for maintaining water balance in a swimming pool include:



hjhjhjhjhjklpytrwqThe chlorine and salt level of the pool has to be correct so that the water can have the right Ph level. When the PH has not been correctly balanced than the chlorine in water, whose sole purpose is to sanitize the pool against germs and bacteria will not be functional.


The users of the pool have to feel comfortable when using the pool. The PH level of the pool should not be too acidic or be too basic as an imbalanced PH will affect the eyes and skin of the users of the swimming pool.


The pool liners, handrail, and ladder are made of metal, and an imbalanced PH will automatically corrode them. What is the composition of water that is balanced?

Total alkalinity

How much alkaline is in water? Total alkaline and PH are related. When the water has a very high PH, it means the alkaline in water is too much. The water in swimming pool should averagely have a PH of 150ppm for the water in the pool to be balanced.

Recommended pH levels for swimming pools

To have your pool and pool equipment in god condition is dependent on the PH level. PH is purely how basic or acidic your pool is. The recommended PH is between seven to seven and a half as indicated on the Numeric scale of a PH test kit. Imbalanced water makes the pool water not suitable for its users. An acidic PH makes the chlorine inactive thus not sufficient to kill germs and bacteria. The chlorine dissolves quicker in a small PH LEVEL.

Calcium hardness

Too little calcium erodes the plaster in a swimming pool. The water becomes too cloudy when the calcium levels are too high, and this may cause stains in the pool. The idea calcium for a pool is three hundred pm.


hjjhjhjhjhjIt is important to have a stabilizer which helps in chlorine retention. The stabilizer should be kept off from sunlight to avoid it from being broken down. The stabilizer should be therefore included in the chlorine compounds. You may require more chlorine if your stabilizer levels are low and may need diluting the pool water if the stabilizer is too much.